Dear fellow American,

Gun-grabbers around the globe believe they have it made.

The U.N. is finally done with its dirty work finalizing the details of the U.N.’s so-called "Small Arms Treaty."

With the full backing of the Obama administration, you and I could be headed for a Senate ratification showdown on the U.N.’s "Small Arms Treaty" in a matter of weeks.

We simply must fight back NOW before it’s too late.

Sold as a Treaty to combat international terrorism, piracy, and organized crime, the reality is something much different and FAR more sinister.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine how our Second Amendment could possibly survive this assault after reading through the horrific details of the Treaty, including:

*** Requiring the United States to mandate licenses for gun and ammo sales, and perhaps even bans on certain types of firearms.  This could include anything from semi-auto rifles to shotguns and handguns!

*** Mandating a new INTERNATIONAL gun registry.  The registry must include "the quantity, value, model/type, authorized international transfers of conventional arms" and the identity of the "end user."

*** Access for foreign governments to AMERICAN firearms records.  Not only would our federal government and international bureaucrats have access to these records, but so would anti-gun foreign leaders and potentially hostile countries around the globe!

Please sign your Firearms Sovereignty Survey and put yourself squarely on the record AGAINST the U.N.'s "Small Arms Treaty."

For Freedom,

The Hon. Steve Stockman
U.S. Congressman (R-TX)

Official Firearms Sovereignty Survey

1.   Do you believe the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment are the Supreme Law of the Land?

2.   Do you believe that any attempt by the United Nations to Subvert or Supersede your Constitutional Rights must be opposed?

3.   Do you oppose the International licensing requirements and International gun registry that will be included in the U.N. Gun Ban?

4.   Will you vote Against any Senator who votes for the U.N. Gun Ban?

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