End Gun Free Zones!

Dear fellow American,

Our Second Amendment rights are hanging by a thread.

Whenever a tragedy -- a revolting grave crime -- is committed, gun-grabbers ALWAYS rush to "cash in."  Always.

This is exactly what's happening right now.

Anti-gun hysteria is reaching a fever pitch.

My friend, this is an all-out EMERGENCY.

And unless you act today, I'm afraid we'll be staring at a gun control nightmare.

At a press conference after the Connecticut shooting, Obama made his intentions clear: he's launching an all-out campaign to pass comprehensive gun control:

1. A so-called "Assault Weapons" Ban,

2. A "High-Capacity" Magazine Ban, and

3. A ban on ALL Private Firearms Sales without government permission.

And sadly, the national media is more than willing to help him get his wish . . .

MSNBC anchors are calling for outright gun "confiscation!"

Prominent conservative backers like Fox News founder Rupert Murdoch are loudly calling for new gun control schemes, and Fox News commentator Bill Kristol is calling for "serious hearings."

Even supposedly "pro-gun" Republicans, like Senator Chuck Grassley (IA) and Lindsey Graham (SC) -- even Marco Rubio (FL) -- are happily playing into the gun-grabbers hands by calling for a total review of our gun laws!

If all this sounds like a recipe for disaster, it's because it is . . .

So if you want to ensure your Second Amendment rights are protected into the future, I'm counting on you to act IMMEDIATELY.

And being involved in the fight has never been more important.

The first and easiest action to take today is signing your Second Amendment Protection Petition below to prove to Congress we're not backing down!

    For Freedom,
    Dudley Brown
    Executive Vice President

Second Amendment Protection Petition

Whereas:   Barack Obama is exploiting the recent tragedy in Connecticut to further his anti-gun agenda; and
Whereas:   All empirical evidence – as well as plain old common sense – shows that gun control does not prevent violence and only leaves law-abiding citizens defenseless against it; and
Whereas:   The Second Amendment clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
Whereas:   Pro-gun Americans like me strongly oppose new unconstitutional gun control schemes and will be paying close attention to our members of Congress;
Therefore: As your constituent, I DEMAND you oppose any and all new gun control schemes, including but not limited to a new “Assault Weapons” Ban or “High-Capacity” Magazine Ban, and a ban on Private Firarms Sales.

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