Dear Fellow Patriot,

Thank you so much for signing your "NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS!" petition.

It's been proven time and time again that politicians can't stand the heat when they hear from passionate gun owners like you.

But while I know we can make a difference by flooding Congress with your signed petitions, I also know that the upcoming battle won't come cheap.

I'm concerned that without your most generous contribution, we may run out of steam before the battle is won.

To keep that from happening, my hope is you'll agree to a gift of $50 or even $100 .

With everything that Second Amendment supporters have at stake in 2016, I'm asking all of our members to go above and beyond what they've done in the past.

But if contributing that much right now is just out of the question, will you please agree to donate $20 or at least $10 to the National Association for Gun Rights?

Whatever you can give, please act right away.

Thank you for your support at this critical time for gun rights.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown, Executive Director, National Association for Gun Rights

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

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