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Dear NAGR Supporter,

Anti-gun, and anti-freedom control freaks have been plotting for years to restrict our First Amendment in order to gut the Second Amendment.

The National Association for Gun Rights is currently in a legal battle in Colorado that has national implications.

If we lose this suit being pushed by a radical leftist organization it will be ILLEGAL for us to talk about politicians before any election.

Simply mentioning their name to inform you of their anti-gun record could result in us facing huge fines, or even jail-time for some of NAGR’s senior staff.

This is a disgrace, and is not what our founders intended when they wrote the First Amendment.

But fighting this battle will be expensive.

I’m hoping you consider making your most generous contribution to help us fight back against this anti-freedom plot.

Whatever you can give, we will judiciously use it to the best of our ability.

Thank you.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown, Executive Director, National Association for Gun Rights

Dudley Brown


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