Dear Fellow Patriot,

After several defeats in the general election, and a dangerous "Lame Duck" session beginning, Democrats are not wasting any time pushing gun control on Capitol Hill.

After failing to push gun control in July, when they tried to capitalize on the sniper attacks on police in Dallas, and the terrorist attack on a night club in Orlando, Democrats are STILL saying such violence is YOUR fault.

Throughout the summer recess, gun grabbers were plotting to blame law-abiding gun owners for these recent tragedies.

Never mind the nightclub shooting in Orlando was an ISIS inspired attack in yet another "gun free zone", or that the suspect in Dallas told the police directly that his only goal was to murder as many police officers as possible.

Once again, gun control is the problem!

But that's not stopping President Obama, Harry Reid, and the gun grabbers in Congress from DEMANDING more deadly gun controls.

Especially now that many of them no longer have to worry about elections, gun-grabbing elitists will be furiously pushing their MOST OUTRAGEOUS gun control schemes before they must vacate their seats in January.

With your help, I want to flood BOTH houses of Congress with "NO GUN CONTROL, NO DEALS" petitions. It's urgent you sign right below right away.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown, President, National Association for Gun Rights

Dudley Brown


National Association for Gun Rights


Emergency petition to my U.S. Senators and Representative:

Whereas: Gun grabbers are doing everything in their power to blame our Second Amendment freedoms for recent terrorist attacks and criminal massacres; and

Whereas: President Obama, Harry Reid, and the anti-gun media are DEMANDING law-abiding gun owners surrender even more of our Second Amendment freedoms and accept new gun controls that would make it even HARDER for innocent citizens to defend themselves against criminals and terrorists; and

Whereas: Gun Control is the problem. Virtually every recent major massacre and terrorist attack happened in a "gun-free" zone; and

Whereas: Gun control laws do nothing to stop killers from going on a rampage. They only work to disarm law-abiding citizens and stop them from defending themselves against criminals and terrorists.

Therefore: As your constituent, I insist you do everything in your power to STOP any and all gun control schemes gun-grabbers try to pass, including so-called "compromise" legislation.

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