Dear Fellow Patriot,

Bloomberg has a hit list, and you're his number one target.

In his fuming anger following the election of President Donald Trump, billionaire anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg pledges to spend $25 million to attack your right to keep and bear arms.

Because of your work to defend the Second Amendment, he knows he needs to drop more money than he ever has before in order to bring our pro-gun progress to a screeching halt.

With top operatives for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on board, 2018 could turn out to be a bloodbath for Second Amendment supporters politically.

So please sign your petition in opposition to Bloomberg's anti-gun billions right away!

We must be ready to fight back.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

Petition to My Elected Officials

WHEREAS:    The rights outlined in the Second Amendment of our Constitution are not up for debate; and,

WHEREAS:    Nobody, especially those protected by armed guards, has the right to take away the Second Amendment rights of any law-abiding American; and,

WHEREAS:    Michael Bloomberg is an elitist billionaire who has pledged to spend $25,000,000 to target law-abiding American's Second Amendment rights;

THEREFORE: I pledge my opposition to Bloomberg's anti-gun billions, and will oppose his political hit list that has American gun owners as the number one target.


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