Dear Fellow Patriot,

Hoosier gun owners have been betrayed!

That's right; your Republican leadership has been bought off for $5,000!

Anti-gun Billionaire Michael Bloomberg bought your gun rights for a steal, by contributing $500 to Brian Bosma and $2,000 to the House Republican Committee of Indiana.

The spineless cowards in Indianapolis think so little of your gun rights that they're willing to kiss Bloomberg's ring and accept whatever pittance he's willing to give them.

It's no wonder that Constitutional Carry has been killed year after year by anti-gun Speaker Brian Bosma, and State Representative Jim Lucas is giving him cover!

This is absolutely unacceptable.

Send a message to Speaker Bosma and the entire Republican leadership: YOU WORK FOR HOOSIERS, NOT MICHAEL BLOOMBERG!

Tell the Republicans in Indianapolis to reverse course, protect the Second Amendment, and stop doing Bloomberg's dirty work by killing pro-gun legislation!

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

Petition to My State Representative and State Senator

End Bloomberg's Indiana Puppet Show!

WHEREAS:    Despite the pro-gun campaign rhetoric heard every election year, Speaker of the House Brian Bosma and the entire Republican leadership in Indianapolis have accepted donations from Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group; and

WHEREAS:    Dozens of pro-gun bills have been killed in committee by the Republican leadership without receiving a hearing or a vote; and

WHEREAS:    This demonstrates an outright betrayal of all gun owners in Indiana, as the Republican leadership has refused to allow pro-gun legislation to proceed and instead opted to lie and deceive the people of Indiana on a regular basis; and

WHEREAS:    It is apparent that Speaker Bosma is hostile to any pro-gun reforms and would prefer to bury legislation in order to maintain the status quo;

THEREFORE: As your constituent, I insist that you reverse course IMMEDIATELY and stand with pro-gun Hoosiers against the do-nothing tactics of Speaker Bosma and the House political establishment. The National Association for Gun Rights will keep me informed of your actions and votes.


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