Dear Fellow Patriot,

Why is President Trump continuing to placate anti-gun reporters by opening the door to radical gun control?

Recently, the President appeared on anti-gun UK reporter Piers Morgan's show promising to look into a ban on yet another gun accessory - this time he wants to nix firearm suppressors!

If President Trump wishes to prevail in 2020, abandoning gun owners who helped him succeed in 2016 is a very dangerous gamble that could spell disaster for the Second Amendment and the country.

It's up to you and I to urge President Trump to reverse course NOW.

Please sign your Emergency Presidential Petition to Donald Trump, urging him to reverse course on his suggested suppressor ban and start supporting pro-gun legislation like the SHUSH Act, to deregulate firearm suppressors from bureaucratic oversight.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

Emergency Presidential Petition to Donald Trump

No Ban on Suppressors:

WHEREAS:   The right of the people to keep and bear arms is protected by the Constitution of the United States; and,

WHEREAS:   Suppressors simply protect hearing. More than 1.5 million are legally registered in the United States. They are used every day by law-abiding citizens for legitimate hunting, sporting, and self-defense purposes; and,

WHEREAS:   A ban on suppressors would blow the door wide open to even more unconstitutional regulations on firearms accessories such as standard capacity magazines.

THEREFORE: On behalf of Second Amendment supporters, and for the sake of stopping the radical gun grabbers in 2020, I urge you to stop abandoning gun owners and drop the idea of a firearm suppressor ban.

Instead, please look into supporting legislation to deregulate suppressors from Federal oversight, such as the SHUSH Act. The National Association for Gun Rights will keep me informed of your actions.


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