Dear Fellow Patriot,

Congress is officially back in session after a brief break for summer recess.

That means hearings upon hearings in the Senate and House of Representatives on the latest "gun control package" being pushed by Speaker Pelosi, Chairman Nadler, and Senator Chuck Schumer.

"Assault Weapons" bans, magazine bans, "Red Flag" gun confiscation laws, national gun registration bills, and more are all on the table.

And with more weak-kneed congressmen and senators on both sides of the isle falling in line every day, we must stand up to their demands before it is too late.

That is why I hope you'll sign your "VOTE NO ON GUN CONTROL" petition to your officials below today!

We will deliver piles of your signed petitions directly to their doorsteps in Washington, urging they reverse course and say NO to any gun control package brought to a vote.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights


A Petition to my U.S. Congressman and Senators

WHEREAS: Gun-grabbers and their pals in the national media are using the El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio murders as an excuse to ram through their pet gun control schemes; and

WHEREAS: Yet they even outright admit their so-called "solutions" wouldn't have done anything to stop these tragedies; and

WHEREAS: Studies show increasing gun sales in America has led to lower crime rates; and

WHEREAS: Politicians who support gun control often pay a severe price at the ballot box for betraying their constituents;

THEREFORE: As your constituent, I insist that you vote NO on any new gun control deal that comes before Congress.



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