Dear Fellow Patriot,

With growing high-profile GOP support, the threat of a "deal" over so-called "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Order legislation is growing by the day.

If passed, government goons could burst into your home and seize your guns with ZERO due process.

You don't get to defend yourself in court or even see what you're accused of. All that has to happen is someone complains about you!

It is already happening in California, Maryland (where a terrified gun owner was shot dead at home just after 5 am) and a few other extreme anti-gun states. But the politicians in Washington are in a rush to make it a NATIONAL law.

That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your NO "RED FLAG" GUN GRAB petition right away!

We will deliver your petition to your lawmakers at our expense before any "Red Flag" bills are voted on in Congress.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights


Petition to my Congressman and Senators

WHEREAS: So-called "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation laws violate the Second amendment and Fourth amendment to the United States Constitution by confiscating legal firearms from law-abiding citizens without due process; and

WHEREAS: Already we're seeing the dangerous repercussions of this policy. Last October, one Maryland father was shot dead on his doorstep when law enforcement pounded on his door at five in the morning demanding he surrender his legally possessed firearms; and

WHEREAS: By relying solely on baseless accusations and anonymous complaints as "evidence" this law can be easily abused by violent ex-spouses, stalkers, or criminals who seek to disarm their potential victims leaving women defenseless to protect themselves and their children; and

WHEREAS: A national "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation law would be a grave mistake, one which will put the lives and safety of law-abiding gun owners and law enforcement needlessly at risk to serve a rabid anti-gun political agenda.

THEREFORE: On behalf of Second Amendment supporters, I urge you to vote "NO!" on any gun control scheme that reaches the floor of the Senate, including so-called "Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Legislation.


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