YES, Sheriff Reams, I'm with you! I support your work with Dudley Brown and the National Association for Gun Rights in OUR fight against the unconstitutional RED FLAG GUN CONFISCATION laws.

THANK YOU, Sheriff Reams for pledging NOT to enforce these "Red Flag" gun grabs, even if it means you might face jail time. Thank you for taking your oath to defend the Constitution seriously.

I've got your back! Please accept my signed "Stop Red Flag Gun Confiscation" directive!

"Stop Red Flag Gun Confiscation" Directive

I agree with you that the so-called "Red Flag" gun confiscation schemes are unconstitutional and gun owners and patriots should fight them tooth and nail.
I also oppose "Red Flag" gun confiscation schemes because:
  • These laws allow legal guns to be seized from law-abiding citizens without due process all because of anonymous complaints.
  • They even allow SWAT teams to conduct no-knock raids on ordinary gun owners.
  • It puts the lives of women and children in danger, as it's ripe for abuse by violent ex-partners and even stalkers who can use it as a means to disarm their victims.
YES, I support NAGR's "Red Flag" Recall Program in Colorado. State Legislators who violated their oath to defend the Constitution should be held accountable for their actions.
YES. No legislator who voted for "Red Flag" gun confiscation should get a free-pass from gun owners.

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