Dear Fellow Patriot,

Anti-gunners in Congress have injected over $100 million of YOUR taxes into this year's budget!

Gun control schemes such as “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, government buyback programs, and millions of additional funding for the corrupt ATF.

But thanks to you, Pelosi and her squad of Second Amendment hating Democrats have repeatedly tried to pass gun control through the legislature this year with no success yet. That's why they're sneaking gun control into the budget like a Trojan horse.

If this multi-trillion dollar spending package passes, your taxpayer dollars WILL be used to confiscate firearms from law-abiding gun owners without any due process.

Please sign the petition below, and NAGR will deliver it to your Representatives and Senators, reminding them that the pro-gun grassroots is watching their every vote — especially gun control sneak attacks through the budget.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights

No Gun Confiscation in the Budget!

Emergency Fax Petition

To My Senator

WHEREAS: Anti-gun Members of Congress are using their majorities to sneak $100's of millions of dollars of gun control into this year's appropriations bill; and

WHEREAS: $40 million taxpayer dollars are being earmarked for “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation alone; and

WHEREAS: An additional $200 million dollars is being set aside for even more gun control measures; and

WHEREAS: Pro-gun Americans like me strongly oppose ANY of our tax dollars being used to further more gun control schemes;

THEREFORE: As your constituent, I DEMAND you oppose all new gun control schemes and misuse of MY tax dollars.

National Association for Gun Rights will keep me informed about your votes and actions.


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