Fellow Patriot,

As law-abiding gun owners and Second Amendment supporters, we cannot allow Joe Biden and the radical Left use senseless tragedies to pass radical gun control.

If you and I don’t put the pressure on Congress, we could be facing an all-out DISASTER.

It is up to you and me to STOP these gun control schemes by signing your Emergency “No Gun Control” petition RIGHT AWAY!

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
National Association for Gun Rights



Emergency “No Gun Control” Petition to my U.S. Senators and Representative

WHEREAS: Joe Biden and the gun grabbers are politicizing yet another deadly attack to further their radical gun control agenda; and

WHEREAS: The Second Amendment clearly states “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed;” and

WHEREAS: Pro-gun Americans like me strongly oppose ALL unconstitutional gun control schemes and restrictions on our right to self-defense, especially “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, the Universal Gun Registration, and any other gun control “deals”; and

WHEREAS: Regardless of party, I will vote against any politician who votes for any gun control.

THEREFORE: As your constituent, I insist you OPPOSE any and all efforts to pass new gun control schemes in Congress.

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